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If you are a foreign student seeking to further your education or a student from Middle East to study with international universities, the accurate evaluation of your educational credentials is essential. You need an equivalency certificate that endorse your education and make you eligible to get admission within or outside Middle East.

MEOAA has been providing reliable equivalency evaluation and translation services. We’ve developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the most respected accrediting agency and equivalency evaluation agency in Middle East.

An Equivalency Evaluation Service with a MEOAA Membership

Choosing a foreign degree or university requires equivalency and is a compulsory requirement of your selection process. The MEOAA is widely recognized as a leading accredited and equivalency evaluation agency with over 250 academic institutions across the globe.

The MEOAA was established to create and implement a set of uniform standards for the credential evaluation and to ensure the quality of the evaluations is not compromised for its member institutes around the globe.

Fast Service from an Equivalency Evaluation Service is Vital

While quality is a necessary component of the equivalency evaluation, the availability of a rapid turnaround time can be crucial. If you are in tight competition for a job opening that must be filled quickly, for instance, waiting several weeks for a credential evaluation simply is not a viable option. While the typical turnaround time for our service is 12 days, MEOAA also offers expedited evaluation where the evaluation is completed in only two days. At MEOAA , you won’t have to put your career or educational pursuits on hold due to slow service.

An Equivalency Evaluation with an Easy Application Process

The equivalency evaluation with MEOAA is not a cumbersome, confusing application process. The MEOAA application procedure consists of filling out a simple form requiring you to provide basic information about yourself and the institution to which you wish to submit the evaluation or the certificate / degree that you want to get an equivalency certificate for.

The entire process takes only 5-10 minutes and you can easily request a degree equivalency assessment by applying online on MEOAA website. You also have the option to ask our representative to do the formalities for you at your convenience if you prefer.

To meet the needs of today’s multicultural, multilingual world, we’ve made the application available in English and Arabic.

An Equivalency Evaluation That Is Affordable

Evaluating foreign degree or to get your degree an equivalency certificate to get enroll with foreign universities should not only be easy and quick but affordable. MEOAA pricing is based on the type of evaluation you select and the time frame in which you need it. Our published schedule of services and fees clearly indicates all costs involved, so there will never be any unwanted surprises or hidden charges that will shock you.

An Equivalency Evaluation that Delivers Personalized Service

With something as important to your future as a foreign credential evaluation, receiving a high level of personalized service is imperative. With MEOAA, you’ll be able to easily reach us by telephone with questions or concerns. If you prefer to contact us by email, you will typically receive a response within the hour. Our number is 1-888-371-3533 and you can email us at

Select Type of Equivalency Here

We offer two types of credit equivalency evaluation;

1. Course-by-Course Evaluation
Suitable for education, licensing and certification

  • Recognize and certify each degree, diploma or certificate
  • Confirms duration of degree / certificate
  • Get Equivalency certificate for each document
  • Endorse each semester course-wise and its credits
  • Calculate grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale that is accepted by all members and partners

2. Document-by-Document Evaluation
Suitable for employment, immigration or secondary school credentials

  • Certify each degree, diploma or certificate
  • Validate the periods of education or credit hours
  • Get Equivalency certificate for each document