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Accreditation is a formal status, a third part recognition of academic credentials, ensuring that an institution or program meets the highest education standards and quality, which is acceptable regionally and internationally. Accreditation ensures that educational institutes and their academic programs are committed to maintain, enhance and continuously seek reviews to improve the quality of education. Accreditation is a verification and authentication of educational institutes, academic programs and academic documents.


Accreditation is essential for reassurance of education quality and standards followed by universities. Some of the key benefits of accreditation for students are summarized as follows: Verification and proof of your academic credentials

  • Reduce their risk and save time and cost when selecting accredited universities
  • Enhance reputation among employers when seeking employability
  • Demonstration of your professional competency and expertise
  • Authenticity of the quality of education delivered by a university
  • Public accountability of education quality and standards


For all educational institutions, MEOAA has established a complete set of standards that are required to meet in order to get accredited by MEOAA. Some of these prerequisites are:

  • Institutions must promote higher quality standards of education for students.
  • Institutions must collaborate with MEOAA and conform to its policies in the
  • interest of students.
  • Students must not be discriminated on the basis of race, color, national origin,
  • sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs,sexual orientation or marital or family
  • status.
  • Institutions must have a proper feedback system so that students may be given
  • an opportunity to be heard.
  • Institutions must have a drop/refund policy and they must make sure that all
  • refunds are submitted according to the stated policy.


Applying for Accreditation

  • Initial-Assessment by MEOAA
  • Institution's Visit by MEOAA Commission Member
  • Commission Member Review and Decision
  • Accreditation Granted & Continuous Monitoing for Improvements

List of Approved Universities

MEOAA has published a list of approved universities to help students seeking higher education in Gulf region. We constantly review and evaluated our list of approved universities to sustain academic quality assurance. MEOAA ensures universities in the Gulf region comply with the highest international education standards and quality.

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