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About Us


Middle East Office Of Accreditation and Authentication operates as a representative of Middle East Office Of Accreditation and Authentication , ensuring highest quality academic programs and international education standards in all educational institutes. MEOAA has published a list of approved universities, which is available on our website. Students and working adults seeking higher education must consult with this list before enrolling in universities to ensure their academic program is accredited. We constantly review and evaluated our list of approved universities to sustain academic quality assurance. MEOAA strives for academic excellence to make sure students receive education in approved universities which have international recognition and are fully accredited. It is our utmost responsibility to provide students with complete information on approved universities which offer high quality academic programs which are regionally and internationally accepted.


To ensure students receive education in approved universities, MEOAA conducts research and surveys to gather authentic information and approve universities to deliver academic program based on international education criteria. We have designed a quality guideline which helps us review universities on the defined standards to measure academic excellence. Our team of highly experienced experts review universities and their academic programs on continuous basis to ensure they meet the international standards of education quality, so that students take admission in recognized academic programs which prepare them to become career ready.

MEOAA is Your Guarantee to Higher Education Quality

MEOAA recognizes the potential which education holds for the future of students, thus fully supports and plays an important role in recognizing and publishing a list of approved universities for students. We also provide students consultancy service to review their university and program, enabling them to confidently study in approved universities.

We make sure approved universities offer following:

  • Academic programs which meet international standards
  • 24 hour student support and facilitation
  • Accredited and internationally recognized
  • Financial Assistance and Scholarship Programs
  • Faculty members are highly qualified and experienced
  • Full access to online and offline academic resources
  • Ensure high quality course curriculum is offered
  • Interactive and engaging teaching techniques