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Latest News

  • Assuring Quality of Private Universities in the Region

    MEOAA is willing to provide accreditation to institutes in the region that fulfills the criteria and are in compliance with MEOAA’s standards.

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  • Benefits of Studying with an Accredited Institute

    Accreditation ensures that an institute provides and offer high-quality education, facilities and a great learning experience for students.

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  • MEOAA Launches Updated Independent Higher Education Scheme

    Developed to support and raise the quality of standards within the region and to ensure the standards remain up to date and applicable to developments in the higher education sector.

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List of Approved Universities

MEOAA has published a list of approved universities to help students seeking higher education in Gulf region. We constantly review and evaluated our list of approved universities to sustain academic quality assurance. MEOAA ensures universities in the Gulf region comply with the highest international education standards and quality.

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